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Global Personalities by Mocays Tana

We see clearly the vision
We know indepth the mission
The Mission to get the vision
Accomplished by just not one

Certain we am unlike before
Scintillating is the assurance
Ten will chase ten thousands
Millions of similar vision

Purchase wisdom in light
Rules not to be broken
Chain to follow to freedom
Freedom attained to free others

We are global to a fault
Our personalities connects
Getting better and stronger
The dark, our light to brighten

We are the Global personalities…



NO MILLION By Mocays Tana

What if I don’t have a million in my pocket?
What if in a million I cannot give a naira?
What if I am not close to be one in a million?
What if my speech sounds a million unclear?

I know a girl that has Him who isn’t one in a million
A girl who cherish Him who is reigns over millions of million
I know a girl who wont for a million trade the Galilee man
I am the girl who carries him who is greater than a million god

Please, do not underrate me cause I have no million
I am millionless as you think me of in your inward
Think of me not in your heart “a small girl she is”
Respect me as I am not even an Angel’s mate… its grace!!!!

Confirmation i have that “greater is He that is in me”
Relegating me as my account reads no million,
Your greatest mistake and sin to God
Cause I bear the mark of the Holy ghost

He has blessed me with every spiritual blessings
You see it not? Oh I know why. I will tell you
Only the deep calleth unto the deep… know that!
Deceive ye not by flesh and blood, my friend

I don’t have a million today as you canally think
Please know that bless, He has blessed me
With all spiritual blessings in Heavenly places
I am not rich, I am wealthy all round… Glory!!!

Have ye not seen who I am in the scripture?
Yes, I come into His sanctuary simple and penniless
Embrace me, I have more that the world possess
Yeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!!! The kingdom of God is in me….

Careless Talk by Mocays Tana

He had tried all he could to save his last daughter and only family member from dying. He sold his house
and car so that a surgery can be carried out on her.
Amanda died during the surgery and he still have debts of #400,000 to pay. He had to sell his remaining
property; his cloths and golds to raise the #400,000.
He walked pass the street in rags and with his head facing down. To feed, he has to beg as he had lost
his job while taking care of Amanda. Everybody now sees him as a retard. He still hopes all will be well.
One day, as he was in his business of begging, he saw his good friend drive pass him and he runs after
the car until the car gets to its destination
He stands beside the car as his friend whines down the glass. “Sunny”, he said, “could you please help me. I
am stack broke and I have got nothing to eat, no house to live in, no clothes to wear. Sunny, ok, I do not
want to stress you just give me money to eat this morning. I have exhausted my strength by running
after your car” He kneels “Sunny please, do not leave me this way”
Still shocked to see him tattered, “Nnamdi, I don’t know why you are still living. All is gone; Your wife,
your children, your family, your cars, your clothes, your house and your joy They are all gone. Now you
are begging on the street. What a pity. If I was in your shoes, I would have ended everything. Well, take
this money to eat this morning and take my card. Come to my office tomorrow by 10am. I will see what I
can do”. He looks at Nnamdi again. “But the rate at which your life is wrecked, can anything make it
better again? See me tomorrow sha” Sunny enters his car and leaves.
Nnamdi begins to think about how he lost everything, how he has been labelled mad. He begins to
ruminate over Sunny’s talks “can I ever make it again like Sunny said? I was the one that raised him from
the gutters, now I am at the gutters”
He takes a step forward and stopped. “What am I leaving for? Everything I own is gone. My honor, my
prestige all gone. I think it is time to go. Thank God I met Sunny. It is time to end it all. That way, I will
see my beautiful wife and daughter again, I will not have to suffer here anymore”.
He uses the money Sunny gave him to buy a bottle of sniper. He retreated to an uncompleted building.
Nnamdi drinks the Sniper and groans to death.
Next day at Sunny’s office, a call from the police came in to announced the death of one Mr Nnamdi.
The police had seen his business card with Mr Nnamdi and think there will be a connection between
them. “Mr Nnamdi committed suicide” rings in Sunny’s ears as he recall his last conversation with
“He was fine when he didn’t see me. I planned to help him but while trying to pity him, I suggested death to him.
I killed him with my careless talk. He didn’t ever plan to die. I killed him, I killed him”. He cries profusely.
His words has murdered an innocent man.

Top Bead Designs from Mocays Collections

Beads are used to as adornment by all classes of people. The kind of bead used by people depicts their status, culture, job type and sense of fashion.  Having this in mind, Mocays Collections has created a way for the use of beads to continue

Mocays Collections love to have their fingerprint in fashion thereby, helping people build themselves to their own taste and to the reach of their pockets. One of way by which their goal they want to give Nigerians the best is by creating a bead making arm in their company.

Mocays’ beads are beautiful, affordable and lasting. One look at their beads may require another look and finally the purchase of the bead is done.  Different kind of beads are produced by Mocays’ bead. The pictures above are samples of the beads they make.

You can order for your beads on chatting/calling: 09038983158 onWhatsApp.

At Mocays Collections, we render the best service to our customers.


Top 5 Fashion Colours for the Rainy Season

Certain colours can be worn to revive a day that has been groomy and slow as a result of heavy rain. One of such steps is apearing with styes and colours that brings out the best in you.Regardless of how heavy rain falls, we can still apppear classy, happy and trending if the right colours are brought to usage. Join me, as I take you through the “Top 5 fashion colours for the rainy season”.
One colour I bet you will love is white. Did I hear you grumble? Relax. I know you do not want to go out having your cloth all stained. Just do a blending with other colours for a perfect effects. Use white, the purity colour to purify the day for good.
Another colour that you might want to show people its beauty is Green. Green is a cool colour that soothes nature. A mixture of different shades of green will give a scintilating effect. Also, picking a colour that reminds people of the good that rain brings thereafter, helps not to be affected by its temporary slow natural effect.
Having the combination of these two royal colour is just a way to bring fashion to light. These colours are capable of making you look stunny and alive even in a very dull weather. Purple blend well with pink. It is warm and soothing. The blend of purple and pink creat a light environment and brighter you.
In addition, orange and yellow are bright colours that can be blended to create a beautiful sight. Choose these colours and find where ever it is used or worn brightened during and after rain. The combination of this colours create special ambiance. I bet you will not like to take your eyes off the colour after seeing it .
Now, I won’t forget the last colour which is Turquoise. This colour has several shades which make sweep you off your feet when used on the right material or combined well. It is warm and cool. Instead of using the regular seasonal colour, why not opt for turquoise. Turquoise colour also stands for royalty but only few people knows. Use turquoise and stay right and brighten.
Finally, to appear appealing and attractive during rainy season, look for bright colours like those listed above. You deserve to look good always. Try these colours when rain falls and see how you will look your best. Its time for you to highlight from the bus of this lovely exposition. I trust you will gladly be in the in next.




My Top 10 Dashing Dresses For 2018

I fell in love with this dresses from different designers. I know you will like them too… Its all about fashion.

Upgrade your wardrope today.


“Start with the little you have.” This saying is usually adopted by people to encourage someone who has a business idea. The truth is that what we really need is the business idea and the strategy to do the business. Many young entrepreneurs couldn’t see the daylight of their business ideas because they have no fund to grow it. Little do they know that there are other factors aside from finances that can help their business ideas to be launched.
One of the factors that determine the growth of business is friends and family. They can help in so many ways in which they may not even know they are helping. It is not very easy for people to invest their money on a business they are not sure about its continuity. One could decide to make use of what the friends and family do to raise one’s business. Their attention should be called to the business, solicit for their support and make their support count. An example is an artiste who can wax an album with little or no money? If the artiste have friends or a family member that runs a studio, create costumes, produce beats, a video editor and other professions needed for him to wax a video album, he can successfully wax his album with little or no money. Sometimes, they may know someone that can help you. This is why it is good to be nice to people at every point in time. Your friends and family can make impact in their own way on your business.
Another factor that can help your business to grow is one’s attitude. People will not contribute to the growth of your business until they see how serious you are. A successful business depends on how optimistic one is. The business should not be taken with levity and also, one should not give in to any failure. If the business fails at first, one has to continue trying until success is achieved. People must read the business’ goal in one’s attitude. Trust me, one’s seriousness determines other people’s seriousness about one’s business
In all, knowing what you want to do is not the same as getting it done. Do not let the unavailability of funds for the business kill the idea. I beg to defer from people’s saying instead, I choose to advise that “start with the nothing(no fund).”


Good Old Days by Mocays Tana


Alone and free i was
Controlling one’s own life
My responsibility alone it was
I realised only then
The reason for my added beauty
Like a bird that flies at will
Was my action in moving around
Freedom of relation with them
Them, any masculine gender
With no sanctions by nobody
But sorrows only on me
Its bosom relies
In the God old days it all happened
The opposite is the moment-
The bad present days
Sole control of myself gone
All masculine gender friendship
I just have to cut
Permission comes before my movement
No power of myself i own
I seek my good old days
Like a tailor seeks her missing needle
But, this bad present days
I cannot also let go
Like the bitter leaf, it has later sweetness
Can i have the two all together?



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But you were a coward
Obviously you cared
Cared enough to never to let go
But you were a coward
Like a horse that runs
From a tournament;
The one it should win
From your aspirations, you ran
From your desire, you fled
Even though you tried
But a coward you were
Leaving both parties in pain
Like an inflicted injury
Desire of the partner
Is your return soon
As fast as a cheater
To heal up the cheats
Which cause river of tears
Like a running tap it falls
Listen dearest coward!!!
To your heart beat – return
Return to the field….



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